Here are some pictures of my friends and of trips we have been on.


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Easter '98: North Padre Island


            From left to right: Jenny, Kristi, and Heather                                                                From left to right:  Sean, Me, Jason, Natedogg    




                        Getting a quick shower before dinner.                                                   Sean and I ready for war.                                            


Hunting: Fall '97: Medina, Texas



                                   Sighting in my gun.                                                           My roomies from back to front: Natedogg, Jeff, Jason


Parties And Pics: Waco, Texas


                                  Left to right:  Me, Jess, Matt                                                                                       Hangin' with the alternative crowd.     



                      Jacqlyn and I ending a night of partying.                                                                       




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